Let me help you return to your meaningful activities

One of the most frustrating aspects of pain and injury, is the inability to participate in your favorite pursuits. Whether you enjoy running, dancing, gardening, or painting, we will outline a plan for progressive return to your most cherished hobbies!

PT Mindfully Services

Telehealth physical therapy

Receive health advice virtually, without risking exposure during this pandemic. Clients are often surprised at how much can be achieved remotely and this approach encourages you to be proactive and self-sufficient. Remember, recovery is in your hands, let's set you up for independent success!

In-person physical therapy

At this time, in-person visits require face coverings and a space with good ventilation. Please contact me to discuss your specific circumstances. In-person visits can occur in your home or office.

Empowered Relief Workshop

Empowered Relief™ is a skills-based, single-session pain class that rapidly equips patients with pain management skills. Developed at Stanford University, it delivers the most up to date evidence regarding persistent pain. You will receive a binaural relaxation audio file, a personalized plan for pain relief, and skills you can use right away!

Posture and ergonomic assessment

Are you concerned that your work station may be causing undue stress to your body? Have you been diagnosed with scoliosis? Let's take a look at your posture, alignment, and ergonomics in order to make the necessary adjustments for your long term health.

Stretching for Relaxation

Stretching for Relaxation is a 30 minute guided movement class. Allow yourself the opportunity to unwind from the week, counter the effects of sitting at your computer, and reduce stress in the mind and body! Appropriate for all levels of mobility, you will walk into your weekend feeling lighter and with more ease.

Mindful Support

A weekly support meeting for people living with chronic pain and chronic illness. The 60 minute meeting includes a mindfulness practice, writing prompt, and discussion time. You don't have to do it alone, your community is here to support you!

Customer Testimonials

Amber manual therapy

Daniel D.

Post-session, I felt totally adjusted from head to toe, even though we mostly worked on the neck, cervical vertebrae and their stabilizing muscles. By resetting my neck, I experienced a new sense of center and neural connections throughout my whole body. Even as a bodyworker that does this for others everyday, it is invaluable to be reminded where your personal center is. It’s hard to do it for myself! I deeply appreciate the corrections and knowledge Amber had to offer. As a massage therapist, I can be picky about hands-on bodywork. Amber’s manual skills are beyond amazing. She automatically gets to the heart of the matter – the only person I trust to work directly on my vertebrae. Her mobilizations are like a little bit of heaven.


Nils R.

I am sure you get this a lot but the time working with you has been quite formative. It has introduced to me to a different framework of thinking with regards to pain. Also, from a pure motion and happiness of being in motion there is no real comparison between before and after. I'm sure there will be bumps in the future, but it feels like a different world vs. the past 15 yrs. Gratefulness doesn't quite capture the feeling.

Amber stretching leg

Elizabeth G.

I wanted to thank you for so many things – being inspirational, a good coach, and helping me learn how to take better care of my mind and body. Thank you doesn’t really cover it; it’s the first time I feel better able to handle my back and I can’t tell you what a relief that is. I had spent years being resigned to an out of control back so it is a remarkable change from where I started.

Amber Richard Bauer, DPT

Daniel W.

When I came in for my first appointment with Amber, I had a complex combination of injury and illness. A secondary effect of my illness was pretty extreme orthostatic intolerance- meaning that I had difficulty standing, no less doing any kind of exercise. My previously active life of outdoor sports had devolved into atrophy from being unable to be upright. Amber took time to listen and learn about my situation. She helped me re-build basic strength and then developed a creative program for me of mixed supine and standing exercises that progressively got me back on my feet. (I also learned things about movement and muscles that would have helped me so much in my previous athletic life.) It's hard to explain where I am now vs where I was but I feel genuinely grateful to have found Amber as my PT. She is just a gifted person-- smart both in academic knowledge and in that intuitive understanding of bodies and motion. She is empathetic and a continual learner. Above all, she has a true desire to see her patients get better and live their fullest lives. She has helped me immensely and I have heard similar stories from others.

Manual therapy

Lexi C.

My wrist is feeling well enough for me to get my yoga teacher certification in May, which is a huge victory! Something I have been putting off since I hurt my wrist 3 years ago. I owe you an overwhelming thank you. I learned some really valuable tools to manage my pain and flare ups with you. Your approach (and resources outside the clinic!) helped me to understand my chronic pain in an entirely new way where I started working with it rather than battling against it. You helped me change my perception and outlook after many attempts with other therapists. For that, I am so grateful!

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