Concussion Management and Recovery

Learn about concussions and how to treat them: What is a concussion? What are the symptoms? How long does recovery take? How should concussion be treated in the short and long term? How can physical therapy help? What is post concussive syndrome? How do concussions relate to chronic pain?

Please enjoy this conversation with Ashley Labore of Clarity Wellness Therapies on concussion management and recovery. In this discussion we cover:

  • what sustaining a concussion means
  • the symptoms of a concussion
  • the expected length of recovery
  • best early treatment for concussion injuries
  • best long term treatment for concussion injuries
  • the role of physical therapy in concussion treatment and management
  • how concussions intersect with chronic pain and other chronic symptoms


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2 Responses

  1. Hi,
    I am still recovering from a very serious brain injury I endured almost 25 years ago, a contra-coup concussion. I was injured in an auto accident, my skull was broken and I immediately went into a coma that lasted 21 days with much hospitalized and care. However, I am still recovering and have to maintain continued care which may explain more of my recovery. Watching this session reminded me of all that I have gone thru and keeping logs really has helped over the years as well as having continued contact with a professional. Ideally someone professionally should watch your progress and direct your care. In my case, the recovery was really slow and it really helped to have someone be aware of my progress and to encourage me.
    At the time of my injury, my recovery was unusual, most do not survive. But I did and I have stayed with PT over the years which has really helped, I highly encourage it. I also have noticed that symptoms may come back, maybe not at the same level, but need to be addressed and best when your professional is well aware of the long term consequences of brain injury.
    As a survivor of a very serious concussion I really appreciate this lecture and agree with all suggested. I thank you for offering it.

    1. Sally,
      You are such an inspiration, I am continually impressed by your tenacity and commitment to self-care. Your recovery would not be where it is if it hadn’t been for your consistent effort and proactive treatment of the long-term repercussions of your brain injury. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!


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