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Concussion Management and Recovery

Learn about concussions and how to treat them: What is a concussion? What are the symptoms? How long does recovery take? How should concussion be treated in the short and long term? How can physical therapy help? What is post concussive syndrome? How do concussions relate to chronic pain?

How Acceptance and Commitment Therapy can help you live fully despite pain

This blog discusses the benefits of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for those dealing with chronic pain and/or chronic illness. ACT is a powerful framework that helps a person connect to their core values in order to maximize participation in meaningful activities despite the presence of uncomfortable sensations, thoughts, and emotions.

The Neuroscience of Pain

This 50 minute lecture covers the neuroscientific, psychological, and biobehavioral processes involved in acute and chronic pain. Learn about factors that contribute to the persistence of pain, strategies for changing pain, helpful mantras for soothing distress, avenues for pain relief, the 4-7-8 breathing exercise, and resources to learn more about healing your pain.

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